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In our endless pursuit to be more creative in media, we looked to the Cannes awards in search of answers… turns out we found more questions. Here are our favourites.

How can the old be made new?
As Phil Cowdell says “Creativity in the media channel would mean the idea and execution were intrinsic to the channel itself. Wonderful examples of creativity in a medium included 89FM’s “Truth Detector,” GFR Media’s “Pepito” and Henkel’s “Breaking News.” All three took what some now refer to as “old media” to new and inspired heights.

Does the story flow? 
When it comes to creativity in media planning and buying, Cannes judges looked for whether a campaign told a story over time, whether it used media channels at each step in ways that truly leveraged each channel, and whether the campaign truly laddered across channels (e.g. McWhopper print, then OOH, then social, then experiential), rather than just appearing in a lot of places.

“Of” or “on”?
Cannes judge, Chris Stephenson posed the question: is the work “of” or merely “on” the media channel? It’s the difference between using the same creative and type of execution across paid, owned and earned media channels versus crafting unique work that takes advantage of each individual medium. The best work had been created uniquely for the channel used. A great example was Oogachaga’s use of disappearing messages in “Snapchat from the Closet” for gay teens in Singapore, where homosexuality is still illegal.

Can the message create the media channel?
This Bike Has MS, a campaign fueled by the insight that it’s hard to raise funds for multiple sclerosis because those with the disease may not “look sick,” a nonprofit in Australia created a special bike whose rider would experience the debilitating symptoms of the disease. The MS bike became its own media channel and was integrated into relevant content and events. Even better, the original idea sparked teams in 40 nations to create MS bikes.

Now back to our first question, our answer for the time being is creativity is in the use of the medium itself, and in the craft of media planning and buying…or creating a new medium altogether. If we had to pick a favourite from Cannes 2016 it would be HP’s “Magic Words” winning gold in both Integrated and Cyber, take a look below:


Magic Words. The unwritten stories. HP made the first book written by people who’ve never written before. There are over 13 million illiterate people in Brazil. Just think of how many stories go unwritten. HP have traveled across the country in search of these people and their stories, and  printed them out one by one, using voice commands, in real time. Putting HP’s printers together with the Google speech API, they reinvented the way people preserve their memories. The website reunites the app/tool, the documentary and the book in a single responsive platform.


The Real People. Real Solutions. campaign of 2016 centered around positioning Nashua as a thought leader in business. The Solutions Lab was created to provide potential Nashua clients with inspired, Insightful and impactful content from real people. We partnered with The Face To Face with Success, a bite-sized podcast series of interviews with interesting, prominent and real South Africans. Listeners hear the inspiring, and sometimes controversial stories from successful South Africans. The podcast was promoted top radio stations namely CapeTalk, KFM, 702 and 94.7, hosted on the and supported by a strong digital strategy including innovative RTB, Native and Booked media placements. A first of its kind in South Africa. Visit The Solutions Lab here.


Venture Lab recently launched Journey2, a high end travel business specialising in luxury train travel and safaris.
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Northwind Capital is an Africa – focused investment and advisory business.
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ABSA launched their “Go Places. Prosper” campaign on City Sightseeing buses across Cape Town and Johannesburg.
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Reach the student market effectively with engaging Campus Coffee Media campaign.
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