The Future Looks Bright

We have spent 2017 helping leading organisations and brands with purpose to innovate faster and smarter. Whether via brand-led innovation, digital strategy, branded content platforms or youth campaigns, we are particularly proud of the meaningful work featured below.


The Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) is a not for profit initiative run as a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.  The unprecedented levels of innovation currently taking place within the digital financial services industry challenge traditional financial models and bring with them a number of new frontiers. These includie new business models, new technology, and new challenges. Offering online courses, DFI provides individuals and businesses with the necessary training and resources to adapt and thrive in this ever-changing environment. By asking big questions about #FutureOfMoney and catchy headlines, a highly targeted digital media campaign is being used to drive sign-ups for the courses, and help drive financial inclusion in developing markets. Watch this space for great things to come from DFI.

Redefining Success

Ayanda Mbanga required a brand evolution and content platform to share inspiration and insights around the modern-day working world. With the vision of redefining success, Ayanda has set out to inspire, educate, encourage and be a catalyst for broader social change. We introduced and implemented a content strategy aimed to speak to those interested in making a change in their career or learning about another. Original content was released across a selection of relevant categories like “a day in the life”, “work @“and “vuk’uzenzele” (Directly translated from Zulu, means, “Get up and do it yourself!”). The interviews, features, and articles about interesting South Africans in their workplaces come to life on

Do Student Life Better

University campuses are filled with a diverse range of students who are our future leaders.  As part of their Do Student Life Better Campaign, ABSA teamed up with Tag 8 to run coffee cup advertising across campus coffee shops nationwide. The branded take away coffee cups inform students of the benefits of opening up a student account and taking a student loan with ABSA. Advertising within the coffee space is a powerful means of targeting a highly specific audience. It allows for brand awareness and reinforcement by placing a specific message in the palm of your target markets’ hands. 

Catalyst For Growth

Catalyst for Growth, a non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg which has developed an analytics platform for business development support (BDS) providers serving small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs). Catalyst for Growth is designed to connect key players in the BDS marketplace and channel capital towards BDS providers that help SMMEs become truly investment-ready. As part of their on-going learning agenda on the impact of BDS on SMME Performance, they partnered with Tag 8.


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