Inspiring Humans.

It’s who we are and what we do. In 2019, we focus on the business of creativity,

growth, change and inspiring humans. From Craft + Graft, Too Much Wi-fi,

African Botanicals, Retail Capital, Solar Power, Finance or adventure, we are

particularly proud of the meaningful brands we have built and continue to

grow featured below.

  Craft & Graft

Craft+Graft is a space purposefully designed for people to come together and

drive their ideas forward. They offer a collaborative workspace for co-working,

meetings, events, and exhibitions in a beautiful building. Tag 8 created the

brand strategy and conceptualized the corporate identity including the logo,

marketing collateral and website look and feel. View full case study here.

  Too Much Wifi

Too Much Wifi delivers affordable premium internet to consumers in

underserved urban communities. Tag 8 had lots of fun with the brand including

the logo and marketing collateral. View full case study here.

  Dieline – Afrigetics

Afrigetics is a botanical company committed to natural health through African

medicinal plants. Bringing natural medicines that compliment and enhance the

body’s innate ability to heal itself, restoring balance without the use of synthetic

drugs or chemicals. Grown in Africa, Afrigetics herbal supplements deliver a

powerful combination of science and nature. View full case study here.


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