How to find new meaning and purpose for your brand in the new normal.

“Why” is not enough.It is not enough to have a Why at the centre of your brand anymore. You need a Because.The world has not been this turbulent and this uncertain in a century. This is a challenging time but for those with the agility and ability to refocus their energy appropriately, this can be a time of tremendous opportunity, growth and renewed relevance.

-Because of the coronavirus pandemic. We will bring people together as they stay safely apart -Because of the pressing need for structural race based reform in the United states. -Because of the unprecedented challenges created by climate change. -Because of the digital divide in Africa. A worthwhile Because inspires both your customers and your employees.

A good Because guides you in times of crisis. This is the time for purpose driven marketing. What is purpose driven marketing? Purpose driven marketing focuses on action, positivity and impact. It’s about aligning your brand with something that truly matters to people and giving them the tools and the inspiration to carry your message further. The world is crying out for change, we want to help you answer.