Guardian African Gin

Nature x Conservation

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we were briefed to launch a new gin that supports the conservation of the South African San Parks.This concept aims to encompass three core beliefs/practices of SANParks:

1. Nature Conservation

2. Connecting Societies

3. Ecotourism


This concept pays homage to SANParks and what they stand for.

More than that, it includes the consumer in being a “Guardian of Nature” themselves.

The aim is to communicate the philosophy of SANParks and being a “Guardian of Nature” through a compelling narrative and visuals.

Brand Promise:

With every sip of Guardian Gin you are protecting our natural resources and taking a stand for conservation. In true spirit of SANParks’ vision of “reconnecting and inspiring society”, 10% of the purchase price go towards the development, protection, management and promotion of this world class system of sustainable national parks.


As you break the seal of each bottle and sip from the gifts of the abundant earth, delight in knowing that this act alone allows you to join the ranks of Nature’s Guardians.




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