Your friends in business funding, supporting South African Entrepreneurs.

Lulalend, South Africa’s first online provider of short-term funding, is partnering with small businesses to help them achieve business growth.

Finally, South African entrepreneurs have a trusted friend in business, solving cash flow problems that allow them to get back to what they do best. 

Being proudly South African, the company understands the unique challenges that face local SMEs.

They say ‘yes’ more than banks do and believe in supporting the growth of local business via a more personal relationship that’s built on trust.

In November 2019, Lulalend launched a new marketing strategy and campaign developed in partnership with Tag8, Growth marketing consultancy.

Based on the unique positioning, “Friends in Funding”, the campaign’s easy-to-understand tone drove home the fact that Lulalend is an admin-free, quick and easy way to access funding.

“We enjoy working with brands that share like-minded beliefs and being involved in projects that solve real problems and make social and lasting differences. This campaign was based on the insight that being an SME in South Africa can be stressful and lonely. What SME’s need most is a trusted friend in business and Lulalend offers exactly that. We brought this to life using a high five mnemonic and as a modern handshake to emphasise the supportive, colloquial nature of the relationship.” says Andrew Franks, Tag8’s Creative Director.

With a refreshed strategy the integrated campaign combined a strong digital focus, videos, radio and strategically placed digital media, positioning Lulalend as South Africa’s new BFF – Best Friend in Funding.

The campaign also has an exciting call to action.  Apply for up to R1.5m in funding and stand a chance to win R500 000 for your business. 

“Many SME owners have talked to us about the huge amount of personal stress and sleepless nights caused by the challenge of accessing vital business funding. By taking the time to understand each business, combined with our cutting edge technology, our goal at Lulalend is to become a trusted business partner that solves this funding problem quickly and easily – eliminating the stress and allowing business owners to get back to doing what they do best. Our ‘Friends in Funding’ messaging encapsulates perfectly our Lulalend values, as well as the type of support we believe South African SME owners are looking for.”  says Tom Stuart, Lulalend’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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